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The best home made Gnocchi Nonna Chiara’s Italian recipes

Nonna Chiara…

Most of us have all heard of Nonna Paola and she will definitely  make you laugh, but nonna Chiara will get you on track if cooking is your passion and your looking for old fashion Italian recipes..

Nonna Chiara is my mum and before cooking shows were popular mum used to come into La Camera for her cooking classes and she was loved by the locals.

Over the next few months stay tuned for some classic Italian dishes including Fritelle (fritters), Lasagna, fresh pasta, Scallopini, Polpette di Nonna, Melanzane Ripiene, Trippa Romana (tripe) etc, etc. Put in a request and we’ll see what we can do.

Our first cooking class is everyone favourite…gnocchi.

Yes I know I am a tad biased but these are the best gnocchi in Melbourne and no need top prove it, as you can do try them for your self!


* 1kg cooked, peeled, mashed and cooled Desiree potatoes

*300gms plain flour

*1 egg

*10-15gms of salt

*50gms of parmesan cheese

*a pinch of white pepper


After cooling and mashing the potatoes, mix all ingredients lightly.

After mixture has formed, roll gnocchi into long sausages and flour well.

Make 2cm x 3cm small oblong shapes and roll with special gnocchi apparatus  (link)

or just use a fork to obtain a rustic texture.

If you prefer a slightly firmer gnocchi then use more flour, but I would not recommend more then 450 gms/kg of flour.

Place Gnocchi on a tray and add flour so they avoid sticking together.

To cook:

Boil water and salt to taste.

Place gnocchi into water and when they rise, we’re done.

Serve with your favourite sauce.