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Organic veggies "The Veggie Patch"

The Veggie Patch.

Judging from last year’s posts on Facebook and Instagram, everyone loves a good organic veggie patch, so hear’s a few pointers handed down over the last 15 year’s.

1/ Firstly, wait for the right time of year. This blog refers to Summer veggies so it’s best to start late Spring. I normally wait for Melbourne Cup weekend or thereabouts.

2/ Get rid of all weeds

3/ Make sure  your veggie patch location has plenty of sun throughout the day

4/ Turn over your soil. Dig quite deep at least one foot as most plants require 6-8 inches for roots to grow.

5/ Enrich the soil with your choice of compost. I normally combine this with home made compost (another blog on its own), Grow Better Organic Pellets and chicken manure. I used to use cow manure, but cows don’t digest seeds so you’ll have a few more weeds if you go down this track. Make sure you water in very well.

6/ Let the compost breakdown for a couple of weeks and then add sugar cane mulch.

7/ Plan out your veggie seedlings and if stakes are required put them in first or risk damaging the root system.

8/ Add some Seasol or Charlie Carp to your seedlings and water then in with the same solution. An Italian tradition is to always plant your seedlings with the full moon. This year I planted them with the super moon…let’s see how we go :).

9/ Add some organic snail pellets to ensure seedlings don’t get swallowed up. There are a number of home remedies to keep snails and slugs away such as crushed egg shells, adding copper piping and adding some beer traps. Not sure how well they go as I have just started these this year

A few tips to ensure a great veggie patch:

* water very second day or when soil is dry

*mainly water in the morning

*continue to add Seasol every second week for an abundant crop and add organic slow release fertiliser every 6 weeks

*add some flowers around the garden to attract bees to pollinate more of the veggies and fruits in your garden

*on very hot days and if the plants are wilting water throughout the day.

* most plants need a little pruning such as tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums

* keep weeding away if they appear

Enjoy the fruits of your labour. A most satisfying hobby!!