While walking the streets of Ischia in Naples in 2014, a little music got our attention. As we approached this rather unassuming restaurant it soon came to our attention that there was live music, quite a deal of laughter and very much like La Camera, the hum of conversation.

As we walked in we were immediately in awe of the location with spectacular views of the Amalfi coast. We were also taken back by the quirky set up with musical instruments on the table and patrons playing along to some of Italy’s favourite tunes.

And alas The Neapolitan Theme Night was born!!

Join the energy packed trio, Bella Ciao, as they take you through some popular Italian Classics while you use your tambourines, maracas, triangles and bongos and take yourself back to Napoli, even if it is just for one night

Add some typical Neapolitan dishes and you have another brilliant dining experience, La Camera style.

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